2016 Review and Annual Meeting

The year 2016 was another very active and productive year for the community. On large projects we accomplished the following:

  • We resurfaced the inside of the pool and updated all fixtures. This was long overdue.
  • We sealed all the fences, and finished the last of the fencing
  • We researched, and hired a new Management Company for our properties
  • We repaired all siding and roofing damage due to weather and hail

These main projects were accompanied by numerous smaller projects and repairs. We still have trees to trim, sidewalks to repair, shutters to replace, and various projects all related to the playground, the grounds and landscaping. Large items for the future include repaving our parking lots and resurfacing the pool deck. With expensive projects in our future, the Board voted to raise the dues by $5.

We have had numerous issues with trash cans and trash items being left on the curb, and we are going to be proactive to educate the community on what can be put out and when.

The Board is planning to try and keep this blog up to date with events and news as meetings take place and decisions are made.