2017 Year in Review

It was another turbulent year for Village Green property owners. We hired a new management company at the beginning of the year and was rewarded with the worst service and communication yet. When the Board complained about the lack of attention, the management company, CAS, Inc., decided they wouldn’t work with us.

So we pretty managed ourselves through the first six months and then moved again to our current Property Managers, Elite Management. We have now gone through seven months with them and things are looking much brighter.

2017 accomplishments include major work on our pool deck, overhauling of electrical wiring, repairs to siding, along with the major planning needed to move forward with a number of projects in 2018.

We are due to repair our parking lots, and originally planned a dues increase for this reason, but found that we can afford to repair and seal the lots over the next two or three years without needing an immediate increase.  There are still many repairs to be done, and we need to continue maintenance of new fences, sidewalks, steps, trees and more.

We are planning an upgrade in communication, and will be contacting homeowners to remind them of the news and direct them to this website, which will have more frequent posts. We are also upgrading the bulletin board at the mailboxes in order to make it easy for everyone to stay apprised.

The Town of Cary is planning a large development of mixed-use zoning adjacent to our property. The Board and several property owners worked with the development company trying to look out for VG homeowner interests. The final development plan is yet to be revealed, but we are hoping we made enough impression to have our considerations count in the final planning. In addition, if the plan goes forward, the developers have agreed to subsidize our community with trees for extra buffer between the new development and Village Green. We will post more on this as we get details from the Town.